Historical vowel change (based on the work «Shezhire-i terakime”)

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  • K.K. Kenzhalin L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University
  • D.A. Baltabay L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University


vocalisms, diachronic method, synchronous method, Chagatai language, phonetics, written monuments


The language of the ancient Turkic, Middle Turkic written monuments reflecting the
peculiarities of the development of the Turkic languages is considered at the level of a literary-written
language with small phonetic features common to all Turkic tribes, characterized by some dialect or semidialect features. The study of written monuments in the linguistic aspect is important for linguistics.
Including the system of sounds, the definition of their historical formation is a meaningful branch of
The article considers the systems of vowel sounds, their historical changes in the work of Abulgaza
Bahadur Khan “Shezhire-i terakime”. This work was written in the XVII century in the Chagatai language.
Since the Chagatai language is a common written language for all Turkic peoples, it makes it possible to
differentiate the phonological layer of works in the language – to reveal new data concerning historical
grammar. At the same time, the article refers to the change of the vowels e > i, ü > e, ü > i, o > a, u > a in
the work “Shezhire-i terakime”. The use of vowel changes in the monuments of the early Turkic period,
manuscripts characteristic of the Middle Turkic period, modern Turkic languages is analyzed. Analyzing
this work from a phonological point of view, it was aimed at identifying the continuity between vocalisms,
the historical formation of vocalisms, related, related languages. In order to study the system of vocalisms,
the nature of their changes, a comparative historical method was used. The research article analyzes the
changes of vowels in “Shezhir-i terakime” along the historical chain, in ancient Turkic written monuments,
M. Kashgari’s dictionary “Divani lugat-it Turk” was compared with the system of vocalisms in modern
Turkic languages.



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