Peculiarities of slang translation in fiction

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  • А.Ye. Stambekova Al-Farabi Kazakh National University
  • E.T. Zhanysbekova Al-Farabi Kazakh National University


translation methods, slang, transformations, specification, generalization, omission


When translating a work of art, translators are faced with the problem of translating slang, due to the lack of an equivalent in the target language. In this article, it seems relevant to consider ways of translating slang units into Russian and Kazakh languages. The work examined examples of slang translation and identified methods for transmitting slang vocabulary. In the practical part, a comparative analysis of the original and translation was used to identify the causes of semantic shifts leading to the transformation of the speech image. The conclusion of the experimental work is that translators use predominantly lexically equivalent substitutions, compensation techniques and descriptive translation. This study allows us to make a contribution to the study of slang units and ways of translating them into Russian and Kazakh languages. The object of the study is slang units used in S. King’s novel “The Green Mile” and their translation into Russian and Kazakh languages. The practical significance lies in the possibility of applying the research results in translation practice.




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