Folklore integrativity in J. Aimautov's short story «The Tragedy in the soul of Zhanabai»

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  • K.R. Kemenger L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University


folklore, folklore integrativity, folklore studies, ethnofolcloristics, sociofolcloristics, literature of the Alash period, the story of J. Aimautov


The literature of the Alash period is one of the richest spiritual treasures of our civil history, the content, idea, artistic character of which have developed within the framework of national heritage and state interests. The process of collecting, systematizing, studying this literary heritage was quite well formed during the period of independence of our country. The study of the heritage of literature of the Alash period within the framework of new scientific paradigms, the disclosure of the content in the integration of social and humanitarian sciences, the recognition of the abundance of folklore material in literature through interdisciplinary connections determines the main purpose of this article. The written heritage is studied in the aspect of integrative folklore studies, which reveals the manifestation of the aesthetics of the people in the literature of the Alash period. The article deals with the problem of folklore integrativity in written literature, including its character in the literature of the Alash period. The theoretical characteristic of the integrative folklore studies developed in the modern humanities is given, the results of the research method of which are applied to the heritage of literature of the Alash period. The development of Kazakh written literature indicates that folklore material was a valuable source of it. The manifestation of the folklore tradition in Alash literature is analyzed on the basis of the story of the outstanding writer Zh. Aimautov "The tragedy in the soul of Zhanabai". The reason for writing this work in a certain historical period is determined. Within the framework of sociofolcloristics, the content and idea of the work are revealed, folklore motifs, examples, characters that influenced the artistic decision, the idea of the story are demonstrated.



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