Linguistic Affirmations as a basis in Children’s Education

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  • B.A. Abdykhanova Shakarim University of Semey city
  • A.F. Akkaliyeva Shakarim University of Semey city
  • A.N. Koilybaeva Shakarim University of Semey city


linguistic consciousness, national consciousness, linguistic affirmations, speech behavior, Kazakh literature, artistic image, parental character, values, national education


The article considers the issue of linguistic national consciousness based on artistic images
in Kazakh literature. The study is aimed at conducting a linguocultural analysis of linguistic units from
literary works expressed in the form of implicit affirmations. The authors suggest that systematic use of
mind-setting speech and language attitudes for educational purposes can contribute to the formation of a
healthy linguistic self-awareness in younger generations. An analysis of modern media shows a growing
trend of negative social changes in the behavior of children and youth, negative experiences in family
relationships, and an increase in the level of anxiety and stress in society caused by economic, political,
and social problems. It is associated with the distortion of the linguistic consciousness of children and
human values such as kindness, sympathy, family, friendship, love, and patriotism. In this regard, a
complete reassessment of spiritual values is required. Based on the linguistic and linguocultural analysis
of work by Kazakh writers, the authors propose to identify linguistic affirmations that can influence the positive formation of children’s consciousness, which in turn will lead to the development of a mentally
and spiritually healthy personality. The article discusses linguistic units from B. Momyshuly’s narrative
Ushkan uya (Flight from the Nest), which, in the authors’ opinion, contains the core of positive linguistic
consciousness and, consequently, linguistic behavior in the "parent-child" relationship.



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