Principle of conceptual integration in stylistics

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  • А.A. Tadjibaeva L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University
  • A.A. Tajibayeva South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University


conceptual integration, initial mental space, blend, metaphor, stylistic device


The article discusses the initial provisions of conceptual integration, defines the process of conceptual integration, initial spaces, common spaces and blends. The purpose of the study is to describe the main provisions of the theory of conceptual integration in the context of cognitive processes occurring during the creation and use of metaphors and other linguistic phenomena. The relevance of the work is explained by the fact that the possibility of using the provisions of the theory of conceptual integration to explain the nature of many linguistic units, including a number of stylistic phenomena, is being considered. The work provides analyses of a number of linguistic phenomena based on the mechanism of conceptual integration: phrases built on the principle of conceptual integration, some grammatical constructions, complex nouns. In addition, a set of stylistic phenomena are considered, which are based on the principle of conceptual integration, these include occasionalisms, metaphor, antonomasia, etc. Using the example of the analysis of some of the above linguistic phenomena, the mechanism of formation of blends is demonstrated. The mutual influence of the theories of conceptual integration and the theory of conceptual metaphor is revealed by comparing provisions, concepts and analyzing linguistic units. Such an analysis allows us to make reliable conclusions and inferences. The examples presented in the article are borrowed from the texts of newspapers, magazines and belles-letters style.



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