Toponyms of East Kazakhstan formed from the name of the numeral (East Kazakhstan and Abai regions)

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  • A.M. Baibossyn L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University


toponym, numerical name, East Kazakhstan, semantics, onomastics


The formation and development of toponyms in any region is influenced by the geographical environment, political events and the nation, the worldview and attitude of people. In general, in the linguistic study of geographical names, it is very effective to consider them with a division into geographical regions. In the East Kazakhstan region, which we consider as an object, there are many toponyms formed by numerals. In our article we will consider the toponyms formed by the numeral from a cognitive, etymological point of view. At the same time, the features of the use in the toponymy system of combined geographical names created using the analytical-semantic approach and combined geographical names created by using the name of the numeral + noun are determined. Toponyms created using the names of the countable numbers "three, five, six, one hundred, one thousand, four, nine" in the East Kazakhstan region were taken as the main object of the study. Toponyms consisting of words semantically close to the numeral, that is, toponyms formed by a combination of polysemous words "twin, double, half, one, many" and nouns were also considered.



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