M. Kozybayev North Kazakhstan University

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  • A.T. Mukhamejanova M. Kozybayev North Kazakhstan University
  • A.T. Mukhamejanova M. Kozybayev North Kazakhstan University




expressive means, visual means, metaphor, epithet, comparison, linguoculturology


The article considers the linguocultural character of expressive means. Expressive means are
formed depending on the basic vocabulary of a nation in the literary language, the ability to use a word, on the
development of oratory and the ability of the language of this nation to transmit information. Its specificity is
due to the artistic perception of the surrounding world by the population, imaginative thinking, and its diversity.
When determining the general nature of expressive means in the Kazakh language, the features of use and the
reasons for use in a work of fiction (text, context), it is important and necessary to study the semantic structure,
semantics, the combinative ability of each language unit in their composition, the semantic interpretation of the
word, the meaningful semantic relations in the composition of the combination. Thus, it is possible to assess the
level of linguistic and linguistic-cultural competence of the author of the text.



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