The idea of leadership in the works of Zhyembet zhyrau

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  • А.Д. Әлтай L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University
  • D.S. Zhalelov L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University



Zhyembet, zhyrau, leader, tolgau, syncretism, adviser, khanate


The research aims to identify and differentiate the versatility of the Bortogashuly Zhyembet and the syncretism of the Zhyrau art. The main idea of the scientific article is to identify the versatility of zhyrau's personal qualities, guided by the work of Zhiembet Bortogashuly. When writing a research paper, they were guided by the methods of poetic analysis, differentiation, and comparison. As a result, other facets of syncretism in the poetry of Zhyrau were also highlighted. The conclusions are drawn from the point of view of a comprehensive differentiated literary analysis of leadership qualities in the works of Zhyembet zhyrau. Due to the fact that we are talking about zhyraus time periods, the author's leadership qualities are analyzed based on the opinions of researchers.

In the works of such zhyrau as Asan Kaigy, Sypyra, Kaztugan, Dospambet, Shalkiiz, Aktamberdi, Umbetey, Tatikara, Bukhar, leadership qualities were manifested in the personality of Zhyembet zhyrau. In the Khan's era, the khans constantly considered their advisers, listened to their opinions and drew conclusions. The ability to draw conclusions is one of the best indicators of leadership qualities. The author analyzes such values as the identification of leadership and personal qualities of Zhyembet, the connection between the people and the khan, the khan's orientation to making probabilistic decisions, spiritual assistance to heroes in pre-war skills.

Zhiembet Bortogashuly is one of the leaders of syncretics. The article proves and analyzes the leadership of Zhiembet Bortogashuly. The reflections of Zhyembet zhyrau that have come down to us will become the main source and object of a scientific article. Examples from the speeches of Yesim Khan were given, scientific conclusions were drawn. Guided by scientific opinions and reasoned facts of scientists and researchers, references to scientific works were prepared. The conclusions and results of the research work can be used in research on the literature of the Khan era.



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